We are now Mimo San Sebastián!


We are now Mimo San Sebastián.

You may have noticed these last few months that we are expanding.  Our new locations call for a new name, a name that goes beyond San Sebastián Food.

We knew it was time to change, so we went way back to our roots.  When San Sebastián Food first started offering cooking classes, it was at a tiny village restaurant called Ciaboga, and chef Alex always told us how important it was to treat the food with mimo.  And that’s where our love for this word began.

What does ‘mimo’ mean?

Mimo comes from the Spanish word mimar, which means to treat with great affection, sometimes even to spoil.  So when you cook, like the Basques, with mimo, you treat the incredible raw materials with the passion and respect they deserve.

And that is how we strive to treat all of you when you visit us in San Sebastián, and now, Sevilla.

What is that thing?

It’s a saucepan. Or maybe a spoon.  Or a marker on a globe that will lead you to a new adventure. Or maybe it’s even…you! It’s also the I and the O of MIMO, so wherever you see it, you know there’s something good.

Thanks to all of you for joining us on this journey. Cheers to many more adventures and to doing it with mimo.

We’ve also updated our Twitter, Instagram, and everything else. Come join us!





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