The Top 10 Dishes from Southern Spain To Try Before You Die

Thanks to our brand new cooking school in Seville, Mimo Sevilla Cooking School, we have southern Spain’s cuisine on the brain.  The region that encompasses Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Huelva, Cadiz, and Malaga has a culinary richness with no equal. We’ve spoken to our team of experts and executed a very official poll of the 10 dishes from southern Spain that should be on your bucket list. If you are heading to any of these regions, you must try these 10  dishes.

10) Gazpacho

A cold, refreshing soup that is perfect for the heat of the south of Spain. And a summer day anywhere, really. It’s made from tomato, onion, and cucumber.

9) Carrillada

The carrillada is a cut of meat from the masseter muscles of the cheek. The fatty parts that are on both sides of the face have a gelatinous structure that makes them perfect for a delicious braise. They are often prepared the days of slaughter.

8) Croquetas de puchero

In this use everything, waste nothing kitchen culture, it was only natural that the leftovers of stew made their way into the national favorite, the croqueta. Don’t miss these fried balls with a heavy bechamel filling.

7) Riñones al Jerez

Sherry kidneys are likely another result of a use it or lose it mentality.  They are called “al jerez” because they are prepared in the local Jerez wine, finished off with a rich hit of this delicious wine. Try something new…this offal is sautéed with lard and a few slices of onion before being heated with jerez.

6) Pavia de Bacalao

This fried snack is prepared as many fish are in Andalucía, by marinating and then frying. The difference is the base fish is a salt-cured bacalao, and the batter is a rather atypical tempura, that may even have beer in it. One thing’s for sure…it’s delicious.

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5)Tortillitas de camarones

This one is another obligatory dish. Little shrimp, the type often used as live bait, are thrown into a flour/water/onion/parsley batter. They are fried in blobs to make a deliciously oily, crunchy cracker, redolent of the sea.

4) Salmorejo

Salmorejo is like gazpacho, but more rich and filling. Basically the pan con tomate thrown in a blender, this chilled soup is served anywhere from thinly liquid to emulsified as tightly as a mayonnaise. Either way, the combination of flavorful tomato, garlic and vinegar with thickening bread and olive oil makes a luscious, must-try dish.

3) Espinacas con garbanzos

During lent, vegetarian dishes were in quite the demand in this very Catholic zone of Spain. That is probably where spinach with chickpeas grew to be so popular. Although one bite will convince you that it was more than just checking off a fasting box…this stew has a lovely mix of spices like paprika and cumin.

2) Montadito de pringá

Pringá is a best-kept secret …we don’t understand why it’s not a worldwide favorite! It seems simple enough—take the leftover meat bits from other food preparations and mix with a bunch of fat and other bits and bobs. Voila! A delicious, stewy meat spread, amazing on toast or anywhere else.

1) Pescadito frito

It is often said that cooks from the south can fry anything, even the air. That, and the fresh seafood that comes in from the nearby sea, must be why one of Andalucía’s most famed specialties is fried fish. Any fish.

These 10 plates are just the tip of the very delicious iceberg.  If you are heading to Sevilla, one of Spain’s top culinary destinations, make sure to visit us.  Our food tours (like our tapas tasting tour or our tapas & flamenco tour) were named Top 10 ranked in the world by Trip Advisor!  And once you’ve tasted how delicious the food is, you can satiate your desire to make it back home with a class or two at our beautiful cooking school, Mimo Sevilla Cooking School, in the Hotel Alfonso XIII.

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