What To Do In Seville: Autumn Edition

Fall just might be the most perfect time to visit Seville. Temperatures have dropped from unbearable summer highs and linger in that optimum window of 65ºF/18°C. Ideal for long walks around the city. Warm enough not to have to pack hefty winter coats, boots, and other such nuisances. Weather perfect for enjoying a cerveza and tapas alfresco!

Meanwhile, the crowds of tourists that congest the Old Town during high season have slowly trickled away, and it’s easier to find good deals on hotels and airfare. All in all, a perfect time to visit! We consulted our Mimo Sevilla team of experts to bring you some tips on what to do in Seville in the fall, so if you’re planning a visit or are already here in town, read on for our recommended autumnal activities to fill your days.

Tapas tour

Explore the city via its food, our favorite way to sightsee! Compared to the summer scorchers when ideal fare is cool gazpacho and salmorejo, fall weather leads to bigger appetites. What to eat? Our guide Javier recommends some tapas that are popular in these colder (yet not really so cold…) months: “Traditional stews, warm soups (tomato soup for example), and everything with sherry, always with sherry!” Overwhelmed with where to go and what to eat? Join us on one of our tapas tours where we take you to some of our favorite spots while unwrapping the intricacies and the art of tapas.

Parque Maria Luisa

Take a leisurely stroll through this lovely park to enjoy fall in all its glory: colorful leaves painting the canopies in vivid shades, and crunchy ones carpeting the ground underfoot. Dotted with palms, orange trees, and colorful flowerbeds (even home to parrots!), this green oasis makes for a lovely wander. The Plaza de España, situated in the park, is another must see with its impressive architecture and beautiful azulejos.

Expert tip: buy some slices of jamón, crusty bread, maybe some manchego, and enjoy a little picnic in the park.

Horse-drawn carriage ride

Once you’ve grown tired of walking, hop into one of the horse-drawn carriages that you’ll spot around the cathedral and other parts of town. Yeah, it might seem cheesy and totally touristy, but sometimes that kind of stuff is actually worth doing. It’s a great way to enjoy the city’s gorgeous architecture and picturesque streets from the comforts of a plush seat, cocooned in a blanket.

Metropol Parasol

Take in the views from Las Setas, the iconic Metropol Parasol that unfolds, undulating and futuristic, in the city center. Winding walkways across the top of this massive wooden structure are the spot for beautiful views over the city, and underneath you can find a museum, café, market, and more. Go right before sunset for that glowing magic-hour light and enjoy the vistas.

Real Alcázar

A trip to Seville is not complete without a wander through the royal palace. This stunner (which you might have seen in Game of Thrones) captivates with its architecture, exquisite tilework, gorgeous gardens, and sheer opulence. Feel like a royal walking through its storied halls and regal gardens.

Pro tip: Buy tickets online to skip the lines.

Film festival

Cinephiles rejoice, as there are exciting things happening in the city in November:  the Seville European Film Festival. The 15th edition of the festival (November 9 to 17) has a great lineup of European films scheduled, with a focus on Andalusian films. If you don’t mind a bit of a day trip, the nearby city of Huelva also hosts a festival, Cine Iberoamericano, which runs from the 16th through 23rd of November.

Cooking class

Once you’ve eaten your way around town and fallen in love with Seville’s tapas scene and Andalusian fare, why not try your hand at making some of your favorite dishes yourself? Our cooking school offers a myriad of classes, from classic tapas to Modern Stars, the Cuisine of Andalucía to Moorish and Arabic cooking. Have a glass of sherry and delve deeper into the local cuisine, stirring, chopping, and seasoning your way to a delicious multi-course meal, plus glean some tips and tricks to bring back home and stun your friends at your next dinner party.



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