New One Bite Classes at Mimo San Sebastián

By popular demand…

We are very excited to announce new experiences starting this spring at Mimo San Sebastián!

One Bite Cooking Classes

Our One Bite classes are perfect for clients pressed for time or with already-packed mealtime plans during their visit to San Sebastián.

These classes are deep dives into very specific corners of our culinary world. Sign up for the chance to gain a more profound knowledge of how to slice, dice, and make the perfect cheesecake, tortilla, and more.

We’re kicking off our One Bite Cooking Class series with three classes, each designed to make an expert out of you in just two hours:

Book now for your next trip to San Sebastián.

Check out our new classes.



  1. I am taking a group of 14 people to the Basque Region in October.
    My wife and I have been taking groups for the last 10 years to different regions of Italy, France and Switzerland. This time I like to visit your region. I am looking for a Chef/Restaurant between Bilbao and San Sebastian for a cooking class for my group (for Lunch) on Monday, October 21, 2019.


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