{ANNOUNCING} A New Pop-up Bar in San Sebastián’s San Martín market

We have some news…. our pop-up bar in San Sebastián is now OPEN!

El Bar del Mercado sits in the heart of the bustling San Martín market, the local favorite, where stands piled with colorful produce sourced from nearby farms sit alongside the butcher, the baker, the fishmonger and florist. Tucked right into this daily din and local flavor, our pop-up bar offers seasonal dishes inspired by our unique location.

Our chef Mateus Mendes has created a changing menu of pintxos and small plates made with fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced right from the surrounding stands. From cochinita pibil tacos to classic fish soup to silky smooth piquillo peppers and scarlet red prawns coated in garlic and chili crumble….paired with a selection of wines chosen by our sommelier. There are fresh-off-the-boat anchovies. There’s sea urchin smoked à la minute with avocado and a touch of lime. There’s seasonal gold – guisantes lagrima – the local “green caviar” served with egg yolk. Fresh, delicious, and made with mimo.

Stop by for a quick bite while shopping or add it to your afternoon pintxo route. Or join us on Saturdays for an authentic paella – crispy socarrat for all!

El Bar del Mercado is an unforgettable meal in a truly special location — steeped in local flavor and the color of one of the city’s best markets. Now open until the end of June.

  • Monday: 10- 4
  • Tuesday: 10-10
  • Wednesday: 10-10
  • Thursday: 10- 3
  • Friday and Saturday: 10-10





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