#myalgarve: Kriss MacDonald

This month we are curating a series of images perfect for vicarious living: #MyAlgarve. Last week you met the @thesunnyalgarve, and this week we are bringing you another ambassador of the region — Kriss MacDonald.

Something of a wildflower queen, Kriss captivates with her dreamy botanical arrangements. An amazing photographer who lives in an old farmhouse surrounded by flowers and orchards, she’s inspired by the flora and fauna of her adopted homeland. Her floral stories mesmerize — make sure to follow her on instagram for a dose of that dreamy flower life.

Tune into our instagram this week for a wildflower takeover by Kriss, and read on to learn a bit more about some of her Algarve faves.

* What is your favorite local dish or product?

I can be rather fussy about fish, but my favourite dish in the Algarve is freshly caught Dourade (sea bream).

* What do you do on a Sunday in the Algarve?

On Sundays we always have a big lunch as a family together. When it’s warm this means bbqs and salads on the terrace after a swim at the beach or in our pool. In the winter when it’s quieter in the Algarve we like to go off exploring towns and nature areas and often stop for lunch in a local Portuguese restaurant. You can get amazing cheap hotel deals in the ‘off season’ so sometimes we even stay somewhere overnight so we have most of Sunday to enjoy the area. This past winter we focused on the Western Algarve, but I’m aiming to get to know the Eastern part this coming year. I’m also rather into flowers so I always get up early to work on our garden before the chaos begins when the rest of the house wakes up.

 * What is your very favorite place in the Algarve?

I love going for walks along the cliffs and beaches between Carvoeiro and Armação de Pêra. Early in the year the wildflowers begin blooming along the trails and in the summer we stop for swims at one of the beaches beneath the cliffs. In the Autumn the water is at its warmest so I often pick my twins up from school and take them swimming on one of the sandy beaches until the sun starts setting. I’ve also discovered a waterfall and natural spring hidden in the countryside which is the perfect place to go to on a very hot summer day.

* Describe the Algarve in three words.

Sunshine, flowers, and beaches.


Follow Kriss for floral wonderland on instagram (@krissmacd), twitter (@KrissMacDonald1), and facebook (Kriss MacDonald). Check out her website too at http://wildabouthere.com.

Stay tuned this month as we bring you more glimpses of the Algarve from the eyes of some of its coolest citizens.  You can win a taste of the Algarve yourself, by tagging any of your photos (past, present, and future) with #MyAlgarve and @mimoalgarve. For each photo you tag on Instagram, facebook, or Twitter, you will be entered to win 100€ to spend in our store.

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