#myalgarve: Lucia Ribeiro

This week as part of our #MyAlgarve month, we’re showing you the region through the eyes of someone very close to us — our own Mimo Algarve Head Chef Lucia Ribeiro. Born and raised in a small fishing village in the Algarve, Lucia’s passion for food started early, fueled by the fresh fruit and vegetable gardens that were a part of her life since childhood. Lucia has lived in England, New York, and Spain and worked in Michelin-starred restaurants like Gordon Ramsay and City Social in London as well as Vila Joya in Portugal.

Here, we quizzed her on some of her favorite things about the Algarve — places, food, things to do. Tune into our Mimo Algarve instagram (@mimoalgarve) this week to see more of the region through Lucia’s eyes.

* What is your favorite local dish or product?

Clams Bulhão Pato Style – we have the freshest clams here in the Algarve! This is a very typical Portuguese dish – garlicky clams cooked with plenty of cilantro and a splash of vinho verde. Simple but delicious!

* What do you do on a Sunday in the Algarve?

Enjoy family lunch — if I can! Being a chef does not always means I have Sundays off.

* What is your very favorite place in the Algarve?

Ilha do Farol or Deserted Island right in front of the lighthouse. The only place I can really relax and switch off. It’s a small boat ride into paradise! No cars, very little people, pure nature, and the sea.

* Describe the Algarve in three words.

Sunshine, fresh fish, sea.


For more of Lucia’s culinary adventures and Algarve life, follow her on instagram at @chefluciaribeiro. And tag us in your own Algarve photos to enter our giveaway. You can win a taste of the region by tagging any of your photos (past, present, and future) with #MyAlgarve and @mimoalgarve. For each photo you tag on Instagram, facebook, or Twitter, you will be entered to win 100€ to spend in our store.

Show us YOUR Algarve…vacay shots, landscapes, food…it all goes.



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