It’s a Merry Mimo Christmas… shop chef favorites!

Have you ever wondered what expert chefs keep stocked in their own kitchens? Items that they love and use, must-haves and must-tries…

We asked our team of chefs to spill the secrets and compiled this list of their favorite products from our shop. Artisanal olive oils, some very special peppers, and a gourmet treat fit for Ferran Adrià… Gift them to your foodie friends or buy these artisanal treats for yourself.

Chef approved gifts this way >>

Hands down THE fave among our chefs, this smokey olive oil is a true showstopper that infuses dishes with a unique taste and smokey aroma. A little drizzle here and there adds a whole lot of wow — a must for any food-lovers or passionate cooks!

A pickled bite of tangy Basque perfection! Sweet, tart, with a touch of mild heat, guindilla peppers are like a little dose of home for our Mimo London chef Joseba. Makes a perfect snack or cocktail garnish — or make the ultimate Basque pintxo, the Gilda, by skewering it onto a toothpick along with an anchovy and olive.

A hit in our cooking classes and one of the top sellers in our shop, this encapsulated olive oil adds a dose of molecular gastronomy drama to any dish. Pretty to plate AND a fun sensory experience — the drops of extra-virgin olive oil pop like caviar on the tongue. Chef Agus recommends the wasabi flavor for a kick of spice!

A classic — and a classic choice for anyone on your list pining for a taste of Spain. Alioli is one of the oldest sauces is the world, and our version keeps it simple with just a handful of quality ingredients. “A perfect match with seafood and vegetables. And a perfect texture!” says Chef Pato from Mimo San Sebastián.

Not surprising that this fine, flaky sea salt topped our favorites list. There’s a reason these little black boxes fly off our shop shelves, and a reason why you’ll see this salt stocked in every Basque Michelin-starred kitchen.

Over at Mimo Sevilla, Chef Alberto has got the art of gifting down! Five miniature bottles of flavored organic olive oils in one pretty little set. Perfect for those amateur chefs who love playing with flavors, or gift it to that coworker who’s always trying to amp up their weekday lunch.

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