It’s a Merry Mimo Christmas… shop guides favorites!

Our guides are experts in the delicious. They’re always brimming with the best recommendations, from unmissable bites to eat to exceptional experiences that can transform a trip. We HAD to get their tips on holiday gifting, so we challenged them to share what they’ll be wrapping up in shiny paper and bows this season. 

We’ve got a sweet spot for romesco sauce! Our expert chefs spent months perfecting this recipe, a delicious blend of almonds, hazelnuts, peppers, and tomatoes. Pairs well with grilled veggies, meats, and seafood, or swipe some on a sandwich to add another layer of deliciousness. “A taste of the Mediterranean in a jar!” says our San Sebastián guide Eli.

A dash here, a sprinkle there… once you start, you can’t stop with this espelette pepper-infused salt. From the premier épicerie in Biarritz, this fragrant spice blend is a delicious mix of fine fleur de sel, espelette chilli flakes, pink peppercorns, and parsley. “It makes simple things extraordinary” says our San Sebastián guide Veronica, who loves adding it to her roasted potatoes or fries. We couldn’t agree more! Plus, we’re obsessed with the packaging — cutest little wooden spoon ever!

Decadence! Perfect for holiday gifting, though we won’t be surprised if you want to keep it all to yourself. Stuffed with truffle cream and swathed in chocolate, no wonder we can barely keep these figs in stock. Toughest decision of your day will be choosing between flavors — salted caramel or brandy infused? Hot tip: buy both, one to gift, one to keep. 😉

We’ve got the perfect tipple to sip by the fireplace this season. This rich and fragrant sherry wine has notes of hazelnuts, caramel, and noble woods. Cheers!

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