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Fish Butchery



Welcome drink, expert chef instruction


15:30 - 16:30 (1 hour)

Meeting point

Mimo London Cooking School Ground Floor / 1 Cathedral Street, London, SE1 9DE

Group size

1 - 10 people


Fish Butchery

Do you avoid whole fish because you’re not sure how to treat them? Did you know you can make four meals from the same fish? Don’t know what to do with a fish once you catch it?

In Borough Market, we have access to some of the freshest fish in Britain.  Get over any fear or uncertainty you have in this fish butchery class, where you will work with Mimo chefs to break down a whole fish into usable parts.  Work with both round and flat fish, learning the techniques for each, as well as the do’s and don’t’s when handling fish in the kitchen. Our chefs will review the best cooking methods for each cut, giving you the confidence to cook fish at home any night of the week.

In this class you will:

    Learn the different terms for pieces of fish
    Watch and practice filleting a fish
    Learn how to break down a fish from whole to filleted
    Understand how to properly handle and safely store fish

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