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Knife Skills



Welcome drink, expert chef instruction


15:30 - 16:30 (1 hour)

Meeting point

Mimo London Cooking School Ground Floor / 1 Cathedral Street, London, SE1 9DE

Group size

1 - 10 people


Knife Skills

What’s the difference between chopped and diced, exactly?  And the size of a classic brunoise? At what degree should you hold your knife when sharpening it?

In our knife skills class, our expert chefs will teach you the different cuts that a professional uses in the kitchen. You will finally learn the difference between chop and dice, perfect your mince, and learn how to execute (and pronounce!) a perfect brunoise. Everything chopped will be used to create a dish that will make the best use of your perfect cuts.

In this class you will:

    Learn the different terms for cuts (brunoise, julienne, etc), what they mean, and how to execute them
    Achieve consistent shape and form when cutting food
    Learn how to properly hone and sharpen your knife
    Understand how to properly handle and safely use your knife

Our Skills classes are perfect when you’re pressed for time or for foodies who want to deepen their knowledge in a certain area. These classes are deep dives into very specific topics and skills. Sign up for the chance to gain a more profound knowledge and learn new techniques that you can take home with you.


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