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San Sebastián

Discover the Basque Country with Paddy Woodworth


Meeting point

Mimo Headquarters / Calle Camino 1, San Sebastián, 20004


Discover the Basque Country with Paddy Woodworth

The Basque Country has fascinated travelers for many centuries, for its unique language and culture, for the beauty of its diverse landscapes and, more recently, for its political complexity, world-class gastronomy and cutting-edge architecture.

The "Discover the Basque Country" tours offer unique access to all aspects of this vibrant region and its people. The tours have been developed by Paddy Woodworth, author of two acclaimed books on the Basque Country, and by Jon Warren, founder of Mimo.

This sample itinerary is an example of what we can offer guests. It has been created for the World Bank 1818 Society and will be a private itinerary in 2018. 

Its elements can be customized to suit your needs, tastes, budget and timetable. 

Click here to see the sample itinerary.

Read more about the host, Paddy Woodworth, on his website.

Read more about the host, Paddy Woodworth, on his website.


What’s included in the price?

All food and drinks, transport (where required) and VAT are included in the price of our experiences. There is not anything extra you ever need to pay for. The experiences also include your expert Mimo San Sebastian bilingual guide/translator. More details of what is included in each tour are provided under each product on the website.

Do your guides speak clearly in English?

Yes, all guides speak fluent English with years of experience living in English speaking countries. Some guides are native English speakers and all have very high levels of proficiency, speaking many languages.

Where is the meeting point for your experiences?

The meeting point for all of our experiences is at Mimo San Sebastian cooking school located at the Maria Cristina hotel. Okendo 1, 20004 Donostia-San Sebastian. Click here for a google map.

When does the experience start and do I need to arrive early?

All start time information is displayed on our website under each experience. We strongly recommend guests arrive at our studio between 5 and 10 minutes before any experience starts. This is especially important for the La Rioja Day Tour so that we arrive at the first winery on time.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes, we offer private tours. Contact us or see specific information on the website for further details.

Are experiences available in other languages?

All tours are run in English but private tours can be arranged in other languages.

I’m a vegetarian – is this going to be a problem?

No problem. We will ensure that while on your experience, you will have the best vegetarian alternatives. However, you must let us know at the time of booking so we can organise this for you.

I am allergic to certain foods – is this going to be a problem?

No problem. If you have any dietary requirements please let us know. We will ensure you will have the best alternatives.

I don’t drink alcohol, is there a discount?

If you do not drink alcohol, we cannot offer a discount but will make sure you have the best alternatives available with a wide range of excellent soft drinks and juices available.

What happens if the experience I booked does not reach the minimum number of guests required?

We require a minimum of 2-4 people for certain experiences. If we do not reach the minimum, we will contact you before the experience date to inform you that it may be cancelled, and will contact you again to confirm if we are finally running the experience. If not, we will provide you some other alternatives or the full refund of the amount paid.

What if the experience I would like to do is not available on a certain date?

Email or call us and we will do our best to open a new date in the calendar.

Are your experiences suitable for children?

In the Basque Country, children are very much a part of the dining scene and we welcome children on most of our experiences. However, as there are exceptions, you may want to contact our booking department to check the suitability for the chosen experience.

Do you offer a child discount?

Yes, we offer the following discounts for children accompanied by parents:

    0-3 – free
    4-8 years old - 35% discount
    9-11 years old - 20% discount