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Bar staff

Calling all food and wine lovers! Mimo is seeking bar staff for a new pintxos bar in the heart of Borough Market. You are a people person with a passion for hospitality and exceptional service standards. A knowledge of wines and Basque food, a native or high level of spoken English, and a team-playerattitude are the other characteristics you possess that make you perfect for this job. Mimo is seeking someone just like you to join the team at our new pintxos bar in the center of London. Work on our dynamic, young team, in a fun, positive atmosphere.

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Key technical skills and bar knowledge – previous London waitressing experience required.

Welcoming and servicing guests, being friendly and attentive.

Timeliness and an ability to work under pressure.

Being a Mimo culture ambassador, conveying the Mimoculture and value to guests.

San Sebastián

Intern front office

You are a student, or you have recently graduated. You love food and often find yourself playing the role of ambassador of your city, sharing the history and secrets behind its food culture. The idea of doing an internship in a young, growing business sounds perfect, as does the thought of working closely in real, important day-to-day activities within the business. Well, you just might fit in at Mimo.

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Welcoming guests, being friendly and attentive.

Attending to customers via email and phone.

Handling of reservations from different sales channels.

Assisting in the planning and implementation of events.

¿Eres estudiante o recién graduado? ¿Te apasiona la gastronomía y sueles terminar siendo embajador de tu ciudad, compartiendo su historia y los secretos de su cultura gastronómica? Si te interesa la idea de realizar prácticas en una compañía joven y en desarrollo, además de trabajar mano a mano en las actividades diarias del negocio, entonces puede que encajes en Mimo a la perfección.

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Recepción de clientes de manera amigable y atenta.

Atender a clientes vía email y telefónica.

Encargarse de las reservas diarias provenientes de diversos canales.

Ayudar en la planificación e implementación de eventos.