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In the world of Mimo, a cooking class is never just a cooking class. The recipe is the excuse to gather, first around the stoves, and then around the table. Our popular cooking experiences range from hands-on classes that compliment the perfect holiday to skills classes for aspiring chefs.  Learn a new skill, test a new recipe, and finish with new friends at every Mimo cooking experience.

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San Sebastián is the culinary capital of the world, with more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else on the planet and hundreds of bustling pintxo bars. At Mimo San Sebastián, we aim to give you a taste of authentic San Sebastián, with an added dose of expertise.

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Sevilla is famous as the birthplace of the tapa, and its inhabitants relish the good life, along with the sherry and jamón that comes with it. At Mimo Sevilla we aim to give you a taste of authentic Sevilla, with an added dose of expertise.

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The Algarve is known for its beautiful beaches, but its cuisine is full of undiscovered treasures. At Mimo Algarve, we aim to introduce you to the region’s freshest seafood, delicious humble dishes, and farm-fresh produce. Explore the dramatic cliffs and clear waters and the rolling green hills of fig, almond, and carob trees and taste their fruits in our cooking school and gourmet shop.

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It’s no secret that London is a foodie’s paradise, offering tastes from all around the world -- and there’s no better culinary wonderland in the city than Borough Market. At Mimo London, we aim to showcase local flavor and the best that British farms have to offer.

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